Experience the Best of Nahan with Jay Clarks Exotica

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Nahan is a paradise for those who seek to escape the noisy city life. Nestled snugly against the Shivalik Mountain ranges, this quaint little town is yet to be affected by human interference. Owing to its natural beauty and secluded location, Nahan has become a popular sojourn in the lap of the great Himalayas. The town is also religiously significant and often considered a sacred destination credit to the several temples dotting the area.

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Historical temple

Historical Temple
During your visit to Nahan, don't miss the tranquil Ponta Sahib Gurudwara, a significant place of worship honouring the 10th Sikh Guru, Guru Govind Singh Ji. Seek blessings at the serene Rani Tal, where you can find a revered pilgrimage site dedicated to Lord Shiva. Experience the spiritual ambience of Jagannath Temple, a prominent attraction that offers a glimpse into the rich religious heritage.

If you want adventure and thrill with your friends, trekking is the best way to pump up that adrenaline rush. One famous trek is the Renuka Lake Trek, one of the largest lakes in Himachal Pradesh. The beauty of this lake is breathtaking, and it is also believed that Lord Renuka personifies it. The difficult trek is the Churdhar trek which takes almost 7 to 9 hours and is worth the challenge and mesmerising view.

Local shopping

Local Shopping
Nahan is a perfect place for all the shopaholics who wish to explore the local handicrafts or want a souvenir for their loved ones. It is well known for its handicrafts, arts and woollen. You can grab warm jackets, shawls, caps or socks for your loved ones. The best place to shop is mall road, where you will find a variety of options and designs at the best price.

Wildlife Sanctuary
For all animal lovers, you can explore the wildlife in the Renuka wildlife sanctuary, which is the habitat for a variety of animals and birds. Asiatic lions, lion-tailed macaques, Indian antelope, red-jungle fowl, chital, sambar, peacock, black-pheasant and a lot more can be spotted here. Another beautiful sanctuary is Simbalbara in the Paonta Valley which is covered with sal trees and lush green grass pastures. It is famous for diverse wildlife and unique bird species like Sambhar, Goral, Spotted Deer, Himalayan Black Bear, Chittal, wild boar, and Hanuman langurs, among various other species.

wildlife sanctuary
Heritage walk

Heritage Walk
Explore the city's beauty and learn about the rich heritage this city beholds. Visit the Suketi Fossil Park, one of a kind in Asia, to establish the actual sites of fossil discovery. Explore the beauty of Jaitak Fort, built in 1810 by Gurkha leader Ranjor Singh Thapa.

Speed Boat
Experience the thrilling and exciting speed boat at our private lake. It is the perfect water sport to pump up your adrenaline. Enjoy a speed boat with your family and friends amidst nature with the beautiful picturesque backdrop.

Speed boat

It is one of the famous water activities done all around the world. Kayaks are canoe-like boats by which you can manoeuvre around the lake. You can roam around while adoring nature with the privacy of Clarks Exotica's private lake. You can also compete with your friends in a group to make it more thrilling. It is half hour long activity, so make sure to drag your friends.

Bingo/Bumper Ride
It is one of the most adventurous water rides where you are settled in the huge water tube filled with air, which is pulled by the speed boat in the open lake. This fun-filled activity will make you wave as the bumpers are pulled by a speed boat until you are fallen off. This is the activity for all the thrill seekers who are just not settled with the speed boat.

a group of people on a bingo ride
a person water skiing

Water Skiing
Water skiing is for you if you are looking for something fierce and exciting. It is a perfect blend of fun and thrill where you will be clenched through the rope and will be pulled by the speed boat. It requires muscle strength and balance to keep up with the board. The trick to exceed this is to keep your hands straight and knees bent and let the speed boat takes you forward while you enjoy the waves of the lake.

Family Boat
Spending time on the family boat is the perfect getaway needed. No more Netflix and chill; take out your family for a quick getaway and spend some quality time exploring the private lake at Clarks Exotica. The fresh air, birds chirping, delicious meals to enjoy on the boat and the picturesque backdrop will make the memories cherished for a lifetime.

family boat