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No 80, Knightsdale Estate, Liyangaswagura, Panvila, Kandy, Sri Lanka
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Celestial Hills Villas & Suites: Nature's Embrace Amidst Kandy's Serene Hills

As you step into our private villas in Kandy at Celestial Hills Villas & Suites and let us unfold a story of seamless harmony between modern magnificence and nature's enchanting beauty. Our architectural masterpiece by the renowned architect Darni, is a tribute to the splendour of contemporary elegance merging effortlessly with the breathtaking landscapes of Kandy. Picture this: each of our 10 meticulously designed villas is strategically placed to embrace awe-inspiring, panoramic views of the surrounding mountains and modern amenities. The deliberate design choice ensures that, from the moment you arrive, you're greeted with vistas that capture the very essence of the serene natural environment defining our property.

As you traverse our property, you'll find yourself immersed in an atmosphere that not only emphasises grandeur and comfort but also pays homage to the local heritage and the stunning natural surroundings. It's an ambience that invites you to connect with the rich culture and awe-inspiring landscapes that Kandy generously offers. Indulge in mountain views, spa retreats and exquisite dining amidst nature's allure. We are more than just a hotel; it's a curated journey where the architecture seamlessly blends with the rolling hills, creating an experience where every moment becomes a brushstroke painting the canvas of your memories. So, let the landscape tell its tales, and allow yourself to be embraced by the soul-stirring allure of Kandy's nature at the best hotel in Kandy.

Elevated Tranquillity: Mountain View Hotel in Kandy

Discover serenity in our 10 meticulously designed villas at Celestial Hills Villas & Suites, Kandy. Choose from Mountain View Villa or Mountain View Family Villa where each villa features a private plunge pool and a balcony with butler service, offering breathtaking mountain views. Indulge in comfort with deluxe king size beds, Jacuzzi and minibar. Your stay with us is not just accommodation; it's a curated escape into the tranquillity of Kandy's hills.

A side view of a canopy bed beside a lamp placed on a table | Celestial Hills - Villas & Suites in Kandy

Chairs and tables in an al fresco restaurant with a mountain view | Celestial Hills, Kandy

Scenic Dining at The Bridge

Indulge in a culinary odyssey at The Bridge, our in-house restaurant at Celestial Hills Villas & Suites, Kandy. From Indian and Continental to Chinese and Tandoor, our diverse menu caters to every taste. Experience warm hospitality in a picturesque setting with both indoor and outdoor seating. Savour freshly baked delights and explore an array of local and international cuisines. The Bridge is not just a dining experience; it's a symphony of flavours against the backdrop of Kandy's hills.

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