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The district of Sirmour in Himachal Pradesh is primarily an unexplored paradise. Located on the Solan-Nahan route, Rajgarh is home to many nature and adventure-centric stays. The town boasts a very dense growth of apple and peach orchards. These orchards add to the beauty during their blooming seasons with their vividly coloured flowers and fruits. Credit to the astounding beauty, Rajgarh is often referred to as the Peach Valley of Himachal Pradesh.

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Habban Valley
Lord Shiva
Chail Palace
Chur dhar trek
Jam factory


If you are visiting Rajgarh, adventurous activity like paragliding is a must to explore the beauty and serene view of Himachal Pradesh. Sherjaggas near Rajgarh is the new village where you begin your thriller journey. You can see Habban Valley, Chur Dhar Peak, Giri River, lush greenery, gigantic Himalayas, Horses roaming around and mesmerising views from the top. It is also considered one of the best spots to paraglide, the same height as Bir Billing in the Kangra district.

Bird Watching
For all the Bird lovers and wildlife photographers, Rajgarh is the place where you can explore and capture different types of species which are to be found only in the Himalayan region. Surrounded by high altitude, magnificent peaks and lush greenery, this place is rich in flora and fauna. You can sit back and relax with or without the camera within our property to get a glimpse of unique birds. Bird-like Verditer flycatchers and grey-headed canary flycatchers, which are rare to spot, can also be found within our property.

bird watching

If you love cycling, and the city noise and pollution won't permit it, you are at the perfect destination. You can get the cycle from our property and ride it amidst nature with your family or friends. Discover hidden gems as you venture outside the property, exploring the charming streets of Rajgarh and immersing yourself in the local culture. Let the rhythm of your bicycle wheels guide you on an unforgettable journey of exploration and tranquillity.

Besides the lush greenery, Rajgarh is also a paradise for night lovers. After sunset, the bonfire night is planned within the premises. The moon, stars and silver rays falling on the peak of the Himalayas will make you stunned. The majestic Himalayan peaks stand as silent witnesses, casting a surreal glow under the moonlit sky. Wrapped in blankets of warmth and laughter, the bonfire night in Rajgarh becomes a cherished moment of togetherness and tranquillity that will forever be etched in your heart.

organic farming

Organic Farming
Ever experienced the process of organic farming?
Indulge in the enriching experience of organic farming right within our property in Rajgarh. Engage your senses as you pluck fresh vegetables and later savour their vibrant flavours. Involve your children in the process, allowing them to witness the magic of nature's bounty and gain a deeper appreciation for where their food comes from. From planting seeds to nurturing plants, this hands-on activity will ignite curiosity and foster a connection with sustainable agriculture. Embrace the farm-to-table journey and relish the meal made with love and care.

Star Gazing
As the sun bids its farewell, the celestial canvas unveils its breathtaking masterpiece above Rajgarh. The most beautiful way to end your day is by adoring the stars and constellations at night; with each passing minute, the stars emerge, painting the night sky with their gentle glow. Sit outside your balcony or on our lawn to see the clear blue sky and the twinkling of thousands of stars. If you are lucky, you might also witness some shooting stars.

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Walk in the Woods
Embark on a rejuvenating walk amidst nature, where every step leads to a renewed sense of serenity. Inhale the fresh air that carries the scent of blooming flowers, filling your lungs with pure vitality. Listen to the melodic symphony of birdsong as they accompany you on your journey. Take in the vibrant colours of nature's tapestry, from the lush foliage to the bountiful fruits, and feel a sense of harmony and connection with the nature around you.

Discover the abundant charm of Rajgarh, renowned as the picturesque peach valley of Himachal Pradesh. Wander through lush orchards that stretch as far as the eye can see, adorned with blossoming apple, peach, kiwi, strawberry, and walnut trees within the property. Witness the stunning transformation of these orchards during their blooming season and immerse yourself in these fruit-laden havens.

village tour

Village Tour
Venture on a village tour that offers a glimpse into the rich traditions and vibrant culture of Rajgarh's local communities. Engage with the friendly locals, whose warm hospitality will leave an unforgettable mark on your heart. Delight your taste buds with the region's authentic flavours, savouring the local cuisine that reflects the richness of the land. Immerse yourself in the art and handicrafts crafted by skilled artisans, preserving heritage and craftsmanship. The village tour is a gateway to a simpler, more meaningful way of life, where time slows down and cherished memories are made.

Candlelight Dinner
Indulge in a truly enchanting experience as a romantic candlelit setup beneath the shimmering starry night surrounds you and your loved one. Savour the flavours of your favourite meals and drinks, accompanied by the gentle breeze and the scent of blooming flowers. Engage in deep and meaningful conversations, fostering a connection that transcends time. As you gaze upon the majestic Himalayas, the backdrop of your intimate evening, create memories that will forever be cherished in your hearts.

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