Sea Blue Pool Deck

Well at our Pool Deck Lounge hosting a party needn't give you a hangover, especially if you have some marvellous mocktail up here at the sparkly sleeve. The sort of mocktail that we serve at our lounge in Kamadhoo takes you back to in the tropics well we are in the white sands that stretch as far as the eye can see and warm turquoise blue water. As we know that the Maldives is unique. It never fails to surprise visitors when they least expect it. With us it is a home to beautiful atolls and welcoming residents, there is much to discover here, even if you visit the country for a short time. Well here we serve the vivid, refreshing, and happiness-inducing cocktails and mocktails with some mouth-watering food we call them starters.

assorted food platter at poolside