Explore the Essence of Shimla!


Step into the enchanting world of Shimla, where every corner tells a tale of history, and every vista is a painting of natural beauty. Wander through its beautiful landscapes, marvel at its architectural wonders, and become immersed in the vibrant local culture. Discover Shimla's essence, where every moment is a new adventure waiting to unfold.

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Toy train
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Jakhoo temple

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Toy Train

Toy Train Ride

The toy train between Kalka and Shimla is a must-see if you're visiting Shimla. The railway that runs beside the mountains gives the area a picturesque appearance. For nature and train lovers, this is the ideal ride. From your window, observe the other end of the train as it snakes along the twisted rails. It is one of India's most beautiful train trips amidst nature.

Temple Visit
Seek blessings at Shimla's ancient temples. One of Shimla's tallest peaks is the Jaku Temple, which is located atop Jaku Hill. Tara Devi Temple, Hatu Mata Temple, Shiv Mandir, and many other temples with a rich cultural and historical background are other places you visit to pray for blessings.

Temple Visit
Local Shopping

Local Shopping

If you are looking to discover the local arts and crafts, visit Mall Road and get your hands on woollen jackets, socks, mufflers, gloves, hats and many other options which are perfect for harsh winters. You can also visit the Lakkar Bazaar, which is another popular place for the finest woodwork artefacts. Buy some handmade souvenirs for your loved ones, like jewellery, home decor and much more.

Ice Skating
If you are up for an adventure, visit the open-air ice skating rink in Shimla. It is open during the peak winter from December to March when you can skate under the open sky. The British taught the Garhwali highlanders a special technology that creates ice. It is kept shaded by the heavily forested hillside, and the cold winters prevent it from melting.

Ice Skating


Enjoy the best rafting adventure while you are in Shimla. Tattapani, which is about 50 km from Shimla, is undoubtedly a refuge for those looking for adventure. The area, which is famous for its natural hot springs, verdant valleys, and one of the best rafting experiences, is tucked away on the banks of the Satluj and draws thousands of tourists each year.

Apart from the lavish hotels, you can also stay amidst nature, with more thrill and adventure. You can camp around nature’s finest setups, which gives a truly different experience. Since this hill station is also an abode for many trekking expeditions, trekkers can find some great spots to set up camp and spend the night amidst the woods.

Local Cafe

Local Café

Mountains, coffee, and books are the best combination to rejuvenate in nature. Discover the perfect spot for you to grab a cup of hot coffee, enjoy the scenic landscapes from the rooftop, or indulge in some lip-smacking cuisines and more. You can find yourself in a cosy corner, sit with a book, and enjoy the warmth that mountains hide in their lap. There are also local bands that play live music at this cafe.